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Our vision is to enhance the health of our freshwater environment through providing the most affordable, sustainable and effective solutions for the control of aquatic pest weeds, toxic algaes, and pest fish.

Our environmentally friendly bio-control have proven results right across New Zealand. By using herbivore species of fish known as White Amur (Grass Carp) & Silver Amur (Silver Carp) we can achieve full and effective Weed & Algae control in Lakes, Rivers, Dams, Ponds, Storm-Water Sites, Recreational Waterways, and Farm Drains.

White & Silver Amur classified as a restricted fish, not pest fish. As they cannot breed in NZ waterways and only eat aquatic vegetation they pose no risk. White & Silver Amur are not like Koi Carp, there is often confusion but basically our carp are herbivorous, cannot breed & are useful.

NZWR also provides fish removal services, both for fish that have become invasive or for when upgrades are being made to a waterway. By removing Pest Fish such as Koi & Bullhead Catfish we hope to to create conditions for the re establishment of New Zealand native flora and fauna.

For more information or if you would like a free onsite consultation for your weed and/or algal problem you can call us on 0800 NZ WATERWAYS (0800 699 283) or for a info pack please fill out our contact form with your postal address.